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Tips & Tricks


Invest in decent hair products. Most people spend a fortune on their skin but try to save on their hair products. This is counter productive because without great products there is no great hair, unless you are blessed with naturally beautiful hair. Invest in professional products because there is a great amount of research involved in creating them and these products are more use specific. Like oily scalp, dry scalp, dandruff, flat hair, grey hair, thick frizzy hair etc. This means more chances of having your hair condition/ problem solved rather than a more generalized supermarket product.

A good product will also allow your colours to stay vibrant for longer and preserve its condition.


Always shampoo twice and allow second shampoo to stay on for a few minutes as this allows its active ingredients some time to work their magic. Rinse and squeeze excess water from hair before you apply the suitable care product.

A care product could be a treatment mask, a conditioner or a leave-in spray conditioner. We recommend rinse-out-products as they are more nourishing and penetrate deeper on wet hair. Always rinse well post conditioning. For long thick hair, up to three minutes.

Be gentle while drying the hair. Softly pat the hair with your towel instead of twisting it or being rough as this can damage or break the cuticles.

Do not pull out grey hair. This damages the hair root and might result in a dormant hair bulb which will stop producing new hair.


Always cut your hair or trim it at least once every 3 months. This stops any split or tired looking ends. Short hair can use at trim at least every 6 weeks to keep the style and styling ease.

Invest in a great cut. A cut that is below the standard will grow out uneven, have no balance and you might spend a lot of time trying to get it fixed.


Always use a heat/thermal protection cream or spray when using any form of heat. Hair dryers run on a average of 95 to a 110 degree celcius. This is hotter than boiling water and the strands will definitely suffer damage and stress if there is no layer of protection on them. Straightening irons are great tools but can be very hazardous when used without the thermal protection.

Replace your brushes every year and regularly check them for wear and tear. They are a very tiny investment in comparison to the damage they can cause if too worn out.

If you leave any moisture in your hair while blow drying, your style is bound to frizz out or fall flat within a few minutes. Also do not over dry the hair as this causes static.

Using a light hold powder hairspray at the end of your styling will keep frizz, static away and help your hair hold the style for longer.


Not all supermarket brands are bad and not all salon brands are awesome. Please only invest in brands which you have tested and liked. All salons for this very reason only retail what they use in the backwash.

Professional products are not cheap but they are great value for money as they come very concentrated and a small amount provides excellent results.  Good salons should also provide you with instructions of use for optimum performance.


The weekly regime of every woman would be different.  This depends on the texture of your hair,your styling habits and other factors. A basic regime should include a great shampoo, conditioner for everyday use and a masque for in between. The masque can be used once a week or more to provide a boost of nourishment and comfort to the hair.

Salon treatment

These are salon exclusive products that can be used once a month to energise the hair and these must be used after every chemical service.

Oil myth

Hair is like a sponge that absorbs everything that is applied to it. Oil, which tends to be usually very rich and heavy, penetrates right into the hair. This provides some nutrition but when a woman shampoos her hair 3 times to get the oil out, the hair ends up totally dehydrated.

We only recommend using a treatment which contains oils that are very light and easy to wash out.

Heat protection

When using any form of heat, using a thermal protector is not an option but a necessity. Creams for thicker hair and sprays are better suited for finer hair types. Some higher end thermal protectors even repair the hair as you apply heat to them.

Sun protection

Even an hour in the sun can weaken and bleach the hair. If possible always use a UV protector especially designed for the hair on your day to the beach or just sports in the sun. if you know that today you will be spending more than a few minutes in the sun, carry your protector with you. Most of these products are designed to be small and handy to fit in every woman’s handbag.

Scalp issues

If you notice any irritation or abnormalities on your scalp, please ask your hairdresser or seek treatment from your dermatologist. Scalp conditions can quickly worsen and cause distress to your healthy hair and may even result in hairloss.

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